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The Secretariat of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was transformed into a Commission by the Authority with effect from 1st January, 2007, to promote efficiency in service delivery. Under the new structure, the position of Commissioner for Macro Economic Policies was created along with several new departments of which the Commissioner is to oversee three including the Private Sector Department.


The new Private Sector Department inherited the assets and liabilities of the investment and private sector division under the defunct economic policy department. It is responsible for the realization of ECOWAS aims and objectives relating to the promotion of cross-border investments, joint venture businesses and small and medium enterprises in order to contribute to the achievement of a competitive, dynamic and diversified regional economy that is preferred by investors. To this end, the mandate of the Department includes the following:


-          Improve the investment climate in the region to expedite the growth of domestic investment and attract foreign investment in order to achieve the structural transformation of the regional economy and foster the overall socio-economic development of the Member States;


-          Enhance the competitiveness of the regional private sector through promoting good corporate governance, supporting the provision of business development services, establishment of guarantee institutions and promoting the development indigenous entrepreneurship and micro/small/medium enterprises (MSMEs)  to foster pro-poor economic growth and sustainable development in the region;


-          Facilitate the involvement of the private sector in the regional integration process through support to regional private sector institutions and the creation of relevant new ones. Promote harmony and synergy among these activities of the institutions and facilitate consultations amongst the organized private sector in the region, and with the organized private sector in other regions of the world to enhance exchange of information;


-          Promote the development of a viable regional capital market with strong linkages in all member states to facilitate the mobilization of investment capital and wealth creation;


-          Facilitate the establishment of multi-national joint ventures and Community enterprises in the region to promote employment and sustainable inclusive growth. Facilitate public - private partnerships to promote regional investment;


-          Encourage West African entrepreneurs to develop and maintain links with Diaspora groups, relevant continental and international bodies, south - south bodies, etc to attract investment and its associated benefits to the regional private sector


Based on above functions drawn from relevant provisions in the Revised Treaty and practices in similar departments; the following structure is proposed for the department:


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